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  • Chi-square distribution — Probability distribution name =chi square type =density pdf cdf parameters =k > 0, degrees of freedom support =x in [0; +infty), pdf =frac{(1/2)^{k/2{Gamma(k/2)} x^{k/2 1} e^{ x/2}, cdf =frac{gamma(k/2,x/2)}{Gamma(k/2)}, mean =k, median… …   Wikipedia

  • Noncentral chi-square distribution — Probability distribution name =Noncentral chi square type =density pdf cdf parameters =k > 0, degrees of freedom lambda > 0, non centrality parameter support =x in [0; +infty), pdf =frac{1}{2}e^{ (x+lambda)/2}left (frac{x}{lambda} ight)^{k/4 1/2} …   Wikipedia

  • Chi-squared distribution — This article is about the mathematics of the chi squared distribution. For its uses in statistics, see chi squared test. For the music group, see Chi2 (band). Probability density function Cumulative distribution function …   Wikipedia

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  • Pearson's chi-square test — Pearson s chi square ( chi;2) test is the best known of several chi square tests – statistical procedures whose results are evaluated by reference to the chi square distribution. Its properties were first investigated by Karl Pearson. In contexts …   Wikipedia

  • Chi-squared test — Chi square test is often shorthand for Pearson s chi square test. A chi square test, also referred to as chi squared test or χ2 test, is any statistical hypothesis test in which the sampling distribution of the test statistic is a chi square… …   Wikipedia

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  • Graeco-Latin square — Orthogonal Latin squares of order 3 Orthogonal Latin squares of order 5 In mathematics, a Graeco Latin square or Euler square or orthogonal Latin squares of order n over two …   Wikipedia

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